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Beyond the resume


With over seven years of creative production, it was nearly impossible to fit every detail of my career into a one-page resume. 


So what did I leave out...


Starting my career as a freelance creative enabled me to see the vast number of paths that I could take with my Film & Digital Production degree. I produced, filmed, edited, directed, wrote scripts, and created storyboards and mood boards for various projects. My focus at the time was simple: to learn everything and anything I could from the wide range of creatives, clients, and businesses I worked with.


However, as much as I loved production my first love was always music. So when I was offered a position in one of the largest music video film studios in Miami I knew that needed to be the next step in my career. M3 Studios Miami is the largest independently owned filmed studio in Southern Florida. It’s also the place where Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Karol G, Saweetie, Shakira, and many other artists film their music videos. I was writing, filming, and editing video and graphic content for Social Campaigns run by M3 while working part-time at Online Impact 360, a digital marketing agency. Here, I learned the ins and outs of digital marketing and the massive role that creative visuals play in marketing. While I was doing what I loved and learning from the biggest names in the industry, I knew my time at M3 was coming to an end.


Enter: Endeavor and The Walt Disney Company. I’m going to make the bold assumption that if you made it onto my creative portfolio, these two companies need no introduction. Working for two of the largest companies in the entertainment industry while also doing freelance work for events like Jingle Ball, The Latin Grammys, and more allowed me to apply all the skills I had learned throughout my career but at a much larger scale. 


So that brings me to now. I bet you’re probably wondering: What is my headline? Creative Director? Digital content specialist? Writer? Producer? Designer? All of the above.


Oh, and if you would still like to see my resume, you can find it here.





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